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The majority of our swords are reproductions with a few genuine weapons both ceremonial and otherwise and with us on occasion and usually for a very little time. Reproduction swords are often either copies of historical classics or flights of fancy from a smith’s wild imagination.

Real swords of good quality, good condition and properly priced vanish within hours, not days. But even battered veterans which have served their warriors well will be swept up if any quality is left in them. Reproductions have to impress a buyer or collector. A Braveheart look- alike is impressive but heavy in the hand, heavy on the pocket book and needs a big wall. You’ll never find an historic Japanese katana in Consecon but sometimes there is a repro with noble lines and weight and feel and its quality is so obvious you hate to see it leave.


Bayonets are a different thing altogether. They are seldom fakes unless they purport to be valuable antiques. The fakes are difficult to detect without expert help. At any given time we have up to a dozen different bayonets ranging in age from last Thursday to 150 years and hailing from the world over.
Pede mattis tempus
Top: A Braveheart type look-a-like. Two-handed medieval Claymore sword
2nd: A Spanish decorative Toledo blade sword. A wallhanger!
3rd: A German officers' Infantry sword

Bottom: A reproduction Confederate officers' sword

Sword US Civil War
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A US Civil War era artillery hanger.

Sword US Civil War
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Top Bayonet: Civil War era Remington Zouave Bayonet
2nd From Top on Left: Spanish Bolo Bayonet
3rd From Top on Right: FN C1 Canadian Bayonet from the early 60's
4th From Top on Left: Russian AK 47 Bayonet
5th From Top on Right: WW1 Austria Bayonet
6th From Top on Right: Russian Tokarov Bayonet